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We touch a surprising amount of objects and surfaces throughout the day, doors, handles, ATMs, card readers, elevators, doorbells, drawers, keypads, and waste bins, etc..

How many of these are constantly cleaned or sanitized?


"After several tests we have made a new design object with optimal size and thickness, not bulky and at the same time very resistant and easy to handle.“


⚪️ ergonomic design

⚪️ functional

️⚪️ pocket size

️⚪️ indestructible, made of AISI 304 stainless steel

️⚪️ reduce direct contact with public surfaces

️⚪️ perfect for opening doors and pressing buttons and more without touching your hands

️⚪️ a bottle opener always with you

️⚪️ allows you to press buttons that you find during your daily life (on pos, counters, public transport, elevators, etc.) without having to use your fingers directly.

️⚪️ can be conveniently attached to whatever you want (to your trousers, bag, keychain, etc.).

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