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From the love of our territory's roots, enhancing artisan techniques that would risk being lost, using the "km 0" in full, each object comes, with the manual naturalness acquired over the years, elegantly designed and finished as if it were a unique model.

Design, mastery of workmanship and the use of quality raw materials have always distinguished the Italian products in the world.


This is MADE IN ITALY, this is us.


If you are looking for custom strainers you can send me your idea or your logo and we will suggest a new version or draw hand and together choose the best one.

Design is included but a minimum order quantity is required. The lead time is about 30 days excluding shipping times.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us via email.




Make your tool unique with a special engraving (name, date or a logo).

You can send us the details by email, for logos we accept jpeg files pdf or png.

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